Dress Well: The Best I Ever Bought


{My J. Crew striped blouse (so old) and my Anthropologie navy blue skirt (so, so old)}

I feel like every time I post a set of outfit photos, I’m inevitably wearing at least one item that you guys have seen many, many times before. Maybe you think that my tendency to repeat certain items is a sign of lack of imagination, but I’m here to argue that it’s actually an indication of the value I expect to get from my clothes. My mom always taught me to think of clothes based on price per wear, and I think she was on to something important. Price per wear allows you to realize that just because an item’s expensive doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it – if that item can be worn over and over and over again, you’ve gotten your money’s worth. Think about your favorite pair of jeans. Even if you paid $200 for them, the fact that you’ve worn them hundreds of times means your investment paid off.

Similarly, just because an item is relatively cheap doesn’t mean it’s worth it. If I buy a shirt from Zara for $20 and only wear it twice, that was a bad choice. Better to put that money towards a great pair of shoes, or a bag that will last you forever.

And then sometimes you get the best of both worlds: inexpensive products that last you a lifetime. My Steve Madden leopard flats below are a great example of that. Or (not pictured in this post) my gray sweater that was $20 at the Gap that I’ve worn at least once a week since I bought it in April.

Of all items, I think I’ve gotten the best mileage out of my navy blue Anthropologie skirt (pictured above). I bought it in college, where I wore it at least twice a week every week for two years. You’d better believe that it’s still a staple item in my closet. It’s basically the security blanket of clothes.

So, without further ado: my very best investments, based on price per wear! Warning: you’ve seenΒ all these items before :)


{Steve Madden leopard flats (old) – I can’t recommend a good pair of leopard flats highly enough}


{My Michael Kors watch (old) + J. Crew bracelet. Arm candy that lasts a lifetime.}


{My ankle-zip Paige jeans (old)}


{My Birds on a Wire necklace (given to me as a gift!), my J. Crew striped blouse (again), my hot pink Madewell jeans, and my Ivanka Trump heels (old)}


{My Madewell arrowstack necklace + my Madewell pink linen sweater (old)}


{My Anthropologie necklace (old)}


{My Madewell dress (I’m actually wearing this dress as I write this blog post)}


{My TEXI leather bag}

DSC_2352{My All Saints leather jacket!}

I’d love to hear – what are the best items you’ve ever bought?

3 thoughts on “Dress Well: The Best I Ever Bought

  1. Steve Madden does an awesome job of making inexpensive items that last. I found a peplum trench at the Anniversary Sale for $90 and I wear it all the time. My AG Jeans are definitely in this category. Jeans are worth spending money on because you can wear them any season. That said, I have Express jeans that I’ve been wearing since college and only cost $40 at the time. Their jeans are legit (or at least they were!). Converse shoes, too. Thanks for sharing! The idea of “fast fashion” rubs me the wrong way because we end up wasting so much! Anything we buy should be with the intent of wearing it a bunch.

    Young SF Lady

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